Waterblasting Stripe Hog SH8000

The Stripe Hog SH8000 was shown off at Salt Lake City International Airport, at the Airfield Marking Symposium this month in Salt Lake City, UT.

The Symposium, held four times a year, is organised by Sightline, which is a consulting company delivering professional services that improve the effectiveness of airfield pavement markings.

The Stripe Hog® is used to demonstrate effective marking removal and marking cleaning on runways and is featured at each symposium.

According to Mike Spiedel, vice-president of Sightline, "The Airfield Marking Symposium teaches the best practices to achieve a highly effective pavement marking system. Proper surface preparation and paint removal are two of several key components of an effective system. In our experience, we have found waterblasting to be a versatile method to accomplish these tasks, and the Stripe Hog consistently demonstrates its versatility and capability at each Symposium."