Webster dictionary defines a rumble strip as ‘a set of grooves along the edge of a highway or across a road that cause noise and shaking when they are driven over and that are used to warn drivers that they need to slow down or are too close to the edge of the road’.

As rumble strips become more popular, roadway contractors are facing new pavement marking challenges, including the challenge of removing a pavement marking that is applied in a rumble strip groove.

A traditional grinding truck has applications that are ideal but removing a marking embedded in a rumble strip is not one of them (see photo).

If a contractor were to use a grinding truck to perform this removal, the only possible way would be to remove the asphalt to the lowest level of paint, which would cause catastrophic damage to the rumble strips as well as the road. This damage could be potentially life threatening to a motorcyclist or other small vehicles.

Waterblasting is the best method to remove a marking from within a rumble strip.

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