Crisplant, part of BEUMER Group and a leading global supplier of automated baggage handling systems has been awarded a contract to design, manufacture and integrate a new baggage handling system which will link terminals B and C and connect to D at Düsseldorf International Airport.

In the tender, Düsseldorf International Airport encouraged potential suppliers to offer them alternative, unique ideas for their future baggage handling system. Crisplant’s suggested design used the CrisBag® tote system, with integrated screening, as a link between the existing three terminals.

In this design, a gradual replacement of two existing sorters will free up space for the required additional EBS positions, which are to be added in the sorting hall and transfer tunnel, thereby eliminating the need for Düsseldorf Airport to invest in a temporary terminal building. Crisplant’s ‘made different’ approach has resulted in a design which combines a more compact layout, energy-efficient technology and ultra-low maintenance levels to significantly lower operating costs.

The CrisBag® system will enable Düsseldorf Airport to comply with the new EU Standard 3 for screening and will also provide a shorter connection time for transit passengers, in addition to providing greater flexibility in baggage handling and more space for early baggage.

Klaus Schäfer, managing director, Crisplant, explains: " There are a number of factors which allow our Group to deliver baggage handling solutions which are inherently different to those of other companies: for example, our in-house manufacturing facilities give us total control over build quality and delivery. Düsseldorf Airport’s CrisBag system will be manufactured in the BEUMER Group factory in Beckum, which is just one hour away from the airport, and the project will be supported by a local project management and customer services team. This reinforces Crisplant’s commitment to being closer to the customer, through a global team of trusted BEUMER Group employees focussed on developing and implementing a streamlined solution for each customer. The combination of these factors allows Crisplant to maintain a ‘made different’ approach with every baggage handling solution."

Düsseldorf Airport’s new system will integrate 8km of CrisBag tote technology with a number of CrisBelt® conveyors to integrate existing check-in and laterals. Designed, developed and manufactured by Crisplant, the CrisBag system allows baggage to be screened whilst remaining in dedicated totes. This will allow Düsseldorf Airport to reduce screening time, in addition to increasing security by providing 100% tracking throughout the baggage transit and screening process. In addition, the replacement is expected to almost eliminate bag jams resulting in substantial reduction in operating costs.

The replacement of the airport’s existing tilt-tray and conveyor equipment will be carried out and integrated by BEUMER and Crisplant with no disruption to the normal operation of the system. The detailed and critical process will draw on Crisplant’s experience in carrying out ‘live operation’ replacements of baggage handling systems in busy airport hubs such as Hong Kong and Johannesburg’s O. R. Tambo International Airport.

Düsseldorf Airport’s new Crisplant baggage handling system is scheduled for completion in November 2014.