Developing the country’s aviation sector to boost national economy

The Ministry of Roads and Transportation (MRT) of Mongolia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Lufthansa Consulting on 15 October 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Following a strategic decision to further develop the Mongolian air transport industry, the Ministry intends to cooperate with the German aviation consultancy and to benefit from their experience and expertise.

Mongolia has expressed its interest in Lufthansa Consulting’s assistance in several fields. It is planned that the aviation experts will support the MRT in defining a suitable air transport policy that facilitates the growth of the national aviation sector. Furthermore, the consultants will help to optimize the development and management of existing and potential new aviation infrastructure.

In addition, the consultants will assist in enhancing the national and international market presence of the Mongolian national carrier MIAT Mongolian Airlines.

"I am delighted that we signed the Memorandum of Understanding in Frankfurt/Main today, on the occasion of the long-standing cooperation between MIAT Mongolian Airlines and the Lufthansa Group, namely with Lufthansa Technik", states Baasandorj Batzaya, State Secretary of the Ministry of Roads and Transportation of Mongolia, after the signing ceremony.

"Within the framework of the strategic relationship between Mongolia and Germany, we have laid an important foundation for the further deepened cooperation of the two nations in the aviation sector. By introducing modern German technologies, management know-how and experience into the Mongolian air transport industry we enable the Mongolian airlines to enhance their competitiveness world-wide."

"We are very pleased that the Mongolian Government trusts in our know-how. We are confident in our proficiency to help the country in creating a functioning aviation infrastructure to support the growth and economic development of Mongolia", said Dr.

Andreas Jahnke, Managing Director of Lufthansa Consulting. Numerous clients all over the world have significantly increased their performance due to strategic advice from Lufthansa Consulting. The focus areas of their consulting services are restructuring and privatizing airlines, airline startups, strategic traffic development, airport privatizations and certifying traffic infrastructures in general.