NATS, in partnership with Copperchase, have successfully installed and commissioned three emergency voice communication systems (EVCS) by MEP.

The three EVCS at Aberdeen, Luton and Southampton have been successfully approved and are now fully operational.

The MEP TCS990 EVCS is a proven solution and is capable of dealing with a multitude of interfaces from legacy AC15 to VoIP. The system is modular and totally futureproof. It is ready for the future IP and telephone connectivity it adheres and is compliant to the ED-137B EUROCAE (European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment) standard.

Copperchase managing director Paul Boydell said: "Copperchase are proud to be associated with NATS in providing the MEP TCS990 EVCS for these three important airports. We look forward to the future in working more closely with NATS in the completion of other successful EVCS projects."

The MEP TCS990 provides a choice to air navigation service providers (ANSP) with a clear and effective solution which is capable of meeting both present and future technical and safety requirements. This will enable the ANSP transition their systems over a period of time which has clear operational and financial benefits.

NATS head of communications and datalink systems Paul Timperley commented: "The successful operational transition of the MEP TCS990 EVCS’s at Aberdeen, Luton and Southampton ensures that we, in partnership with our airport customers and suppliers, deliver technology solutions that support airport operations both now and in the future."