Flawless flight plans are an important prerequisite for future automated flow and capacity management, increasing flight safety and reducing operator workload, while managing increased flight volume.

Comsoft Solutions’ Flight Planning product CADAS-ATS now includes new IFPS functionality and draws on extensive, existing database and specialised data processing functions of COMSOFT Solution’s AIXM 5.1 database CADAS-AIMDB.

The IFPS system will improve the quality of FPL related messages by introducing a more holistic flight plan assessment taking the whole airspace situation into account, enabling automatic corrections and automatic responses to message originators. The system will automatically correct coordinates, replace DCT routings with the correct ATS route on demand, as well as various typos in various fields of the flight plan. The system is also designed to take temporary restrictions like digital NOTAM into account.

At the end of 2015 the Civil Aviation Authority of Qatar (QCAA) awarded Comsoft Solutions a project to deliver a fully automated IFPS, with the project currently underway.

Comsoft Solutions’ CADAS- ATS Flight Planning system is a multi-platform client-server system for handling Aeronautical messages addressing ANSP operators, as well as pilots and airlines. CADAS-ATS clients run on almost any device, including tablets. CADAS-ATS implements modern data exchange formats like FIXM and AIXM 5.1 and is fully in line with the SWIM concepts of modern ATM systems.