At this year’s IATA Ground Handling Conference on 15 May 2016 in Toronto, Canada, Materna will present one of its new self bag drop solutions at booth no 15. Materna is a strategic partner of IATA and a long-standing member in several CUSS working groups, which helped to establish CUSS as a worldwide standard for automated passenger handling.

At the 29th IATA Ground Handling Conference, Materna will focus on the newly designed Air.Go 2.0, a modern system for automated baggage handling with Scandinavian design. The platform behind Air.Go 2.0 has checked in millions of bags at airports all over the world.

The Air.Go 2.0 integrates all required hardware and technology. The Scandinavian product design is ergonomic, elegant and user-friendly and will fit into the architectural and functional environment of any airport. To make Air.Go as user-friendly as possible, the screen software is designed to only show one button at a time. The angle of the screen is tilted to suite people of different heights. A lean design allows passengers to get close to the screen for reading and touching.

Materna and its newly integrated subsidiary DSG BagDrop from Oslo, Norway, rely on a long lasting experience in the aviation industry with customers in Europe, the Middle East and North America. One of these customers is Toronto Pearson Airport, where Materna has already implemented a comprehensive self bag drop installation of Air.Go.

To address specifically the North American aviation market, Materna has established a subsidiary in Orlando, Florida. Materna is now transferring its already widespread solutions for check-in, self-tagging, self bag drop and payment solutions to the North American market and is simultaneously investing in this rapidly growing sector to attract even more aviation customers.

With the world’s largest self bag drop installation at the world’s busiest single runway airport in London Gatwick, Materna is extremely well positioned to improve the passenger journey at many North American airports, something both airlines and airports will benefit from for many years to come.