Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) has put Comsoft Solutions Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) network into operation, providing high accuracy multilateration coverage for an extended region around Gdańsk. Comsoft Solutions Quadrant now provides PANSA with full Mode S surveillance capability, including enhanced surveillance, while continuing to support air traffic with existing Mode A/C technology.

This is the first surveillance system in Poland to use multilateration technology to detect and locate aircraft. The system incorporates a dynamic interrogation management technique developed by Comsoft Solutions to ensure that only minimum interrogation rates and power are used for each aircraft, thus safeguarding the SSR radio frequencies against overuse.

PANSA acting technical director Dariusz Jasinski said: "After certification and final audit the WAM system in Gdansk is fully operational and we are wholly satisfied with the system in terms of communication, as well functionality, and look forward to working together on further developments for the system in the coming months."

Comsoft Solutions surveillance automation unit manager Joerg Junge said: "We have a great relationship with PANSA, working on various projects since 2004, and the teams on both sides worked hard to ensure the project was implemented according to requirements. We are extremely pleased that our WAM network is active in Poland and we will work closely with them on additional advancements as desired."

Multilateration capabilities are provided by Comsoft Solutions’ ultra-compact remote Quadrant sensors and interrogators linked to a Quadrant Central Processor. As well as supplementing existing radar in the central region, the WAM System extends coverage into areas not covered fully by the current Gdańsk radar. The flexible nature of WAM ensures a future upgrade path with the simple addition of new sensor sites, to further expand the coverage. Installed systems also have ADS-B functionality, which is also planned for operational use in the future.