COMSOFT Solutions’ AIM and AMHS users showed their continuous support at the ninth annual user group, CAUG, under the motto ‘Continuity with new perspectives’.

Comsoft Solutions invited their dedicated customers once again to the annual CAUG event in Karlsruhe, Germany, to discuss advances and trends in AIM and AMHS, as well as to talk more about the company’s future plans as a member of the Frequentis Group.

The annual event’s programme aims to enhance the user experience and quality of Comsoft Solutions’ AMHS and AIM product lines AIDA-NG and CADAS, through presentations and discussions that provide an interesting and dynamic dialogue between supplier and user. This year’s theme ‘Continuity with new Perspectives’ set out to highlight that the well-known products and teams would remain, but changes would provide a new outlook and a strong future.

Managing Director Gerald Enzinger opened proceedings; thanking customers and staff for their support, while Comsoft Solutions Head of Sales, Markus Heichel, and Frequentis Head of ATM Solutions, Günter Graf, elaborated on what the future holds for the two market leaders and the benefits for their customers.

With over 100 years of technological experience in the AIM / AMHS domain, the advantages of the pairing were obvious, while noting that Comsoft Solutions is an independent company within the Frequentis Group. In the joint presentation, Best of Two Worlds, by Uli Kaage and Joachim Lennarz, both companies could show that the product lines ideally complement each other and how users will benefit from the aligned product portfolio.

As always, CAUG was a platform for users to share know-how and use cases. Valerian Vavro from Slovakian ANSP, LPS, presented their experience with AMHS and connecting to other countries, Alain El Baz, from Swiss Skyguide, spoke about their AMHS renewal strategy and Paul Saccasyn, from EUROCONTROL Network Manager, talked about the rapid evolvement of the AMHS network within Europe over the last few years, also facilitated by PENS. Abdulhakem Ali Al Shawesh from Libyan ANSP, LYCAA, also gave an impressive illustration of how they restored Comsoft Solutions’ literally ‘bullet-proof’ AMHS and AIS equipment in its heavily damaged centre during the civil war.

Finally it could be shown how the large and still growing user community can benefit from standardisation and harmonisation in hardware, software and even the provision of services provided to customers. New sales and marketing director, Christoph Aschauer, summed up the event with a strong message about collaboration and working together for a shared goal for improved productivity and performance, utilising synergies for the benefit of the whole community.

CAUG launched in 2007 in order to support AIM and AMHS advancements to users. Next year will celebrate a decade of CAUG and will take place on 16-17 May 2017.