The Cavotec global engineering group has won a major contract to manufacture and install 90 in-ground electrical power units and converter systems as part of a modernisation programme at St.Petersburg’s Pulkovo International Airport.

"Cavotec is the only ground support equipment supplier that manufactures innovative electrical pits and converters in-house – this makes our offering entirely unique," comments Cavotec vice president and regional manager, central Europe, Michael Widegren.

"These efficient and easy-to-use systems will help realise substantial cost savings and greatly improve return on investment in ground services provision at Pulkovo Airport. Furthermore, airlines and their passengers will enjoy reduced turnaround times and some of the best aircraft servicing available today," Widegren adds.

The order will see Cavotec supply a total of 90 electrical supply hatch pits and 90kVA electrical converters. Deliveries are scheduled during 2012, with installation to be concluded in 2013.

Cavotec hatch pit systems provide easy access to service outlets, including blue water, potable water, fuel, electrical power and air, making servicing aircraft safe, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. The Group’s electrical converters ensure the safe supply of power to aircraft at the gate or in hangars.

Located between the Finnish capital Helsinki, and the Baltic states, Pulkovo Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Russia. In 2011, Pulkovo was Russia’s third largest airport in terms of passenger numbers at some 9.6 million. The electrical pit systems and converters to be supplied by Cavotec are one element of a major development programme at Pulkovo that is set to see the airport expand substantially in the years ahead.

According to a statement posted on the airport’s website, the development programme will "result in a substantial increase in capacity, [with] new domestic and international flights, […] latest technologies that will help [Pulkovo] become a major hub airport. [The development of the airport] will see the introduction of the highest international standards in safety and technical development."

The project at Pulkovo follows Cavotec’s recent announcement of several major orders for ground support and fuelling equipment at airports in Asia and the Middle East, including Mumbai’s Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Delhi International Airport, Singapore Changi International Airport and the new-build Sohar Airport in Oman.