The Board of Directors of the Cavotec engineering group is pleased to announce the acquisition of aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) manufacturer Combibox Systems Scandinavia AB, which in 2011 had revenues of approximately €2 million. The acquistion made on 3 September 2012 is set to further strengthen the Group’s product offering and customer base in the global airports sector.

"With more than 30 years of experience in the airports industry, Combibox is extremely well-established; it has an outstanding customer base with product references all around the world. This will enable the group to further improve its offering and expand into new markets," explains Cavotec CEO Ottonel Popesco.

Combibox’s product range, which includes in-ground systems that supply aircraft with air, fuel, electrical power, and fresh and blue water, complements Cavotec’s systems offering.

Crucially, Combibox’s excellent customer base provides Cavotec with a large number of new opportunities that will help support the future growth of the group. The acquisition will add new and reinforce existing markets for Cavotec across Asia, the Baltics, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and India. Combibox is extremely active on the market and until now has been one of Cavotec’s main competitors in the sector.

"Combibox and Cavotec Group have a good working relationship based on mutual respect for our engineering expertise and knowledge of the sector, making this acquisition a natural step, and one that we fully support," says Leif Lindh, Combibox CEO.

The acquisition also supports Cavotec’s success at generating added value for customers and the Group by applying technologies perfected for airports to port applications for ships: an approach Combibox has also adopted.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Combibox has been a pioneer in the development of in-ground support equipment for aircraft at airport gates and maintenance hangars worldwide for more than 25 years. Similar to Cavotec, the company designs, manufactures and installs ground support systems for customers. Combibox has in place a global network of local offices and sales companies. Combibox is privately owned.

Cavotec is a leading system designer and integrator of a comprehensive range of advanced GSE in the global airports sector. The group’s offering includes fuel, water, 400HZ power supply, pre-conditioned air (PCA), pit and tunnel systems, connectors and caddies, which help minimise tarmac congestion, improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact.