TETRA’s advanced infrastructure solution, NEBULA, will be at Control Communications World (CCW) 2016.

100% Ethernet / IP-based, NEBULA TETRA infrastructure is fully scalable from small to national systems. Proven in countless deployments worldwide, including FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil; GIRN National Public Safety network, Malaysia; and New Jersey Transport, USA, its advanced IP architecture allows high levels of redundancy, providing a fault-tolerant network design, with a wide range of base stations (up to 75W) to deliver optimal coverage.

Highly flexible, NEBULA allows single or double links to be established between the site base stations (SBS) and the system control node (SCN) based on any type of technology, while gateways provide external connectivity, as well as an IP Interface Access protocol (N2A) for third party applications. Extended data functionality using Multi-slot packet data, circuit mode data or synchronous data manager (SDM), where the IP-protected algorithm significantly reduces data polling time, all combine to deliver the most applications friendly environment within PMR.

The eNEBULA variant supports both TETRA and LTE radio access in the same system, while the user-friendly network management system provides a seamlessly integrated experience for network administrators.

The solution is supported by a range of end-to-end services including radio propagation, site surveys, systems design, project engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Service models can be tailored to meet any customer requirements.

To find out more, and experience the eNEBULA product range in action, visit us at stand D19.