Confirming its position as a leading provider of airfield lighting solutions around the world, atg airports are a pleased to announce the award of two prestigious contracts in Nigeria. Highlighting the diversity and technical expertise of its current product portfolio, atg will be supplying a wide range of equipment as part of a number of infrastructure developments in the West African country.

atg’s experience of delivering market-leading lighting products to the region was a major factor in being awarded the contract, which supplies oil giant Shell with nine new LED helipad lighting systems. A selection of the latest LED technology is to be supplied as part of upgrades to a number of Shell helipads in the area, including the latest ZA295 LED TLOF luminaries.

The use of a reliable LED solution was important for the client as part of a drive to reduce energy consumption, whilst a significantly increased life cycle will ease the work for on-site maintenance staff. In addition to the LED helipad lighting, atg airports were also responsible for supplying the seating pots and connector kits that are to be used with each system, as well as floodlighting, illuminated windsock and a 240V control panel.

Quickly following the award of the contract with Shell, atg airports have also been selected to provide a new airfield lighting system to Forcados Airport in Nigeria. The equipment will form the basis of a brand new airfield infrastructure at the airport, providing vital transport links to the rest of Nigeria and western Africa.

As part of the system, atg will be supplying both elevated and inset runway and taxiway luminaries, providing a cost-effective and proven lighting solution in such a remote location. Also as part of the project, atg airports will also be responsible for their market leading Micro 100 CCR’s and Clearway airfield guidance signs, as well as PAPI’s, windsocks and all associated mounting equipment.

"Building on recent successes in Australia, South America and South East Asia, the award of two significant contracts in Africa highlights the growth of the airport brand across the globe," says director of strategic development at atg airports Andy Sole.

"As we look to develop our range of airfield lighting equipment, we are delighted that such high-profile customers have demonstrated their confidence in atg’s products, whilst also providing us with further opportunities to develop key relationships in the region."