Nilfisk-Advance has raised the standard for commercial vacuum cleaners with the introduction of the GD 910. Practical, simple and designed for everyday cleaning, the GD 910 is built to the exacting quality standards the company is known for, yet offered at a lower price.

The GD 910 has been designed to meet the needs of contract cleaners, hotels, shops, offices and other customers looking for an efficient, easy-to-use vacuum cleaner.

With its large-capacity dust bag, wide range of readily available and compact accessories, and lightweight construction, the GD 910 is suitable for cleaning in a wide range of locations. Onboard storage of accessories is a further bonus for users, ensuring that the exact nozzle for the job is always available and doesn’t get lost. Storage is no problem as the neat design and onboard features mean the GD 910 will fit in even the smallest of cupboards.

Simple on-board cable storage and the ability to remove the cable in one simple action are further features.

For users who prefer to vacuum without a dust bag, the GD 910 can meet this requirement too thanks to its efficient sack filter.