Nilfisk-Advance has introduced a new addition to its range of ultra high-speed floor machines. The UHR 70-1700 is a ride-on burnisher with a pad diameter of 70cm and pad speed of 1,700rpm.
It is intended to offer high productivity polishing of airport terminal, shopping centre, hospital, and other large area hard floors.

UHR 70-1700 provides an exceptional battery run-time and is able to cover 12,500m² on a single battery charge. Additionally, the low noise output allows the machine to be utilised in noise-sensitive areas, and for daytime cleaning activities.

Other important features of this machine include automatic monitoring and control of the pad pressure for a consistent finish on uneven surfaces, and One-Touch electronic controls for simple and safe operation. The machine is also equipped with front wheel steering for easy manoeuvrability, easy access to the pad holder for simplified pad replacement and a tilt-steering column for driver comfort.

The company claims that the introduction of this ride-on burnisher increases productivity for facility owners and cleaning contractors, thereby speeding the cleaning process and lowering overall operational costs.