The Omani government has awarded the baggage handling contract for the new passenger terminals at both Muscat International and Salalah airports to Vanderlande Industries. The contract with a value of approximately €50m is due to be completed on 1 April 2014.

Vanderlande was selected because its solution offered the best total cost of ownership based on its highly redundant systems which at the same time minimise space requirements and maximise energy efficiency.

Execution and operation of this project will be done from the Vanderlande office in Oman, ensuring the close presence of technical and maintenance and operations crews.

The high availability of the systems is ensured by building in the required levels of redundancy, on controls level as well as on mechanical level, combined with high quality products which are all based on proven technology. This will give the airports the possibility to further increase performance and better serve their passengers.

Energy efficiency is improved through the smart use of both software and hardware. The software will start the relevant group of motors only after inducting bags into the system. After a time interval, suitable to ensure that the last entered bag reaches the end of the conveyor(s), the timing device will stop the corresponding conveyors. On hardware level for example, the latest state-of-the-art motors will be applied, designed for minimum energy consumption.

The system for Muscat International Airport will be capable of handling the peak hour capacities expected for the year 2013 with 12 million passengers per annum (mppa). From each of the 84 check-ins, divided over seven islands, baggage can be sorted to any of the 13 carousels or two laterals, enabling free check-in.

Sortation is performed by two HELIXORTER sorters. The HELIXORTER is Vanderlande’s tilt tray sorter without gaps between the trays, even while tilting. This increases system availability and prevents damage to baggage and equipment. The HELIXORTER is unique with this feature and is the most robust sorter available.

The system for Salalah International Airport is designed to handle the peak hour capacities expected for the year 2025 with 1mppa. From check-in all standard checked in baggage is, after screening, transported to one central make-up carousel for manual sorting. In the arrivals area three tilted carousels will be located.