Nilfisk-Advance, the global leader in professional cleaning equipment, has announced the introduction of its IVB series of vacuum cleaners for hazardous and nuisance dust collection.

The IVB series is fully approved to handle both M and H classes of dust. M relates to dust that has a medium hazardous rating, while H indicates that a material is highly hazardous. All units in this range can be used for either wet or dry applications, and are available with different dust bags for use with various types of dust or debris.

The IVB 3 model has a container capacity of 27L; the IVB 5, 45L; and the IVB 7, 70L. The Nilfisk IVB 7X is a single-phase electric unit specially certified for use in ATEX Zone 22 areas. The ATEX legislation is designed to prevent the risk of fire and/or explosion in work areas where there exists the potential for such accidents to occur. Zone 22 indicates an area where combustible dust clouds may occur infrequently and persist for only a short time. Typically, such an area would be in the vicinity of equipment containing dust.