Husqvarna Construction Products is the only manufacturer in the world to launch Oilguard, a unique safety system for engine function. The system was developed for Husqvarna’s K750 power cutter.

Oilguard is an optical indication system that prevents Husqvarna’s K750 power cutter from operating and breaking down as a result of the user filling up the machine with pure gasoline. “Oilguard is the latest result of our efforts to develop smart solutions that facilitate and make our customers’ and users’ work more efficient. It is a well-known problem that users sometimes mistakenly fill the machine up with the wrong fuel and, by doing so, cause the cutter to break down. With Oilguard, that risk is eliminated,” says Håkan Aldén, product manager for power cutters at Husqvarna Construction

The system functions so that a colouring substance detects whether pure gasoline is being used in the power cutter. If that is the case, the machine idles and cannot be operated until gasoline with the right two-stroke oil is added. The Husqvarna K750 power cutter was launched in 2005 and is a major seller both to the rental market and to contractors with large machine fleets that include both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. “Oilguard is an excellent function for this type of customer. In addition to saving money for the company, it also eliminates any potential conflict between the company and the user as a result of a broken-down power cutter. At the test launches, customers have been very positive,” says Håkan Aldén.

The safety system can temporarily be deactivated and the
power cutter can also be operated with two-stroke oil other than
Husqvarna’s. However, this can be detected by the machine.

How Oilguard works

The Oilguard system involves the oil being run through a box where an LED optical indication system detects if the right two-stroke oil is being used. If no oil, or the wrong oil, is being used, an electronic circuit breaker is activated that causes the engine to idle until the right oil has been added.