Motive Learning has announced it assisted Menzies Aviation in launching their Latin America Learning Management System in May 2021.

Although Aviation is an English-speaking industry, it is beneficial to have the MotiveLMS user interface and training courses localized for an employee’s primary language. Menzies Aviation is now delivering employee safety, operations, and compliance training in Spanish to facilitate employee learning and knowledge retention using Motive Learning’s flexible and adaptable MotiveLMS software.

Menzies Aviation first saw a need for the language localization of the MotiveLMS earlier this year, as they are now responsible for training 2600 Latin American employees at 35 different airports. In their Columbia, Mexico, and Dominican Republic operations, they expect to see an increase in the use of interactive training by rolling out this initiative.  As a result, Menzies Aviation anticipates the increase in eLearning completion rates will minimize face-to-face instructor led training and lower their training costs.

Motive Learning Founder Karla Roberts explained: “We transferred historical enrollments from previous records tracked using Excel spreadsheets and Menzies Aviation’s previous Learning Management System to prevent lapses in compliance training and reporting for our customer.”

“I find it exciting that after adding the MotiveLMS localization feature at the beginning of 2021, we’ve now stood up an entirely Spanish version of the MotiveLMS system.” said Don Roberts, MotiveLMS Product Manager.  “Now for anyone using the MotiveLMS they can access their training in Spanish (or French) if that is preferred over English.” Roberts also stressed other languages can be added based on customer requirements. The MotiveLMS can also be set up with multiple organizations and business units for clients with individually branded subsidiaries.

The MotiveLMS Qualification Management System monitors employee training compliance daily, so there is no longer a question of whether an employee is current and qualified to work on and around customers’ aircraft.