It is our pleasure to introduce the ATSEP Assessment Tool: an online library with quizzes and examinations.

Operational ATSEP staff can use the quizzes to identify their knowledge and skill levels in specific ATSEP qualifications, and to prepare themselves for their examination. A passed or failed examination can help organisations determine if their staff needs to attend a refresher course. Additionally, organisations can use the examination results to show the knowledge and skill level of their ATSEP staff to their local regulator.

Broad variety of questions

The ATSEP Assessment Tool contains over 1,000 questions in various formats, including multiple-choice, drag and drop, and clicking a required area in a picture. It includes questions for all ATSEP streams, as well as customer and site-specific questions (upon customer request).

We can assign staff to specific questions depending on their certification:

  • ATSEP Basic
  • ATSEP Q COM Combined
  • ATSEP Q COM Data
  • ATSEP Q COM Voice
  • ATSEP Q NAV Combined
  • ATSEP Q SMC Combined
  • ATSEP Q SUR Combined
  • Customer/site-specific questions

To ensure high quality of the material, we regularly evaluate the questions and update them when necessary.

Tailored solution

The ATSEP Assessment Tool can be adapted to the customer’s needs, which includes but is not limited to the following options:

  • Customers determine the number of participating staff and the duration of access to the quizzes.
  • Customers can also determine the examination times: examinations can take place on a yearly basis, or more frequently if so desired.
  • Aside from the wide range of general questions, we can add customer- and site-specific questions to have the material reflect the operational environment even more.
  • We can provide examination scores and digital certificates of confirmation for the staff who have successfully completed their examination.
  • We can deliver statistics and feedback based on the performed examinations and quizzes.
  • We can add a customised layout to the Tool to fit your organisation’s brand.


The staff needs to have operational ATSEP experience.

We recommend a technical English language proficiency of at least ICAO level 4.