Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI), training centre organised under Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic has been selected in an international competition for the provision of personal training of BHANSA. The project carries particular importance to BHANSA as upon its completion BHANSA shall be able to assume responsibility and control of the upper airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Presently, the upper airspace is controlled by the neighbouring countries of Croatia and Serbia.

Within the project CANI will train 69 air traffic controllers during the next three years. Several European air navigation service providers will participate in this unique project, while all activities will be coordinated by CANI.

“We consider this exceptional commercial contract to be a very prestigious achievement of CANI because, in its scope, it is the biggest commercial contract in the history of our company and one of the biggest contracts of this kind in Europe over the last ten years. Of course, it is the most important event for Bosnia and Herzegovina, namely in terms of future acquisition of the control over its own airspace” Jan Klas, CEO of ANS CR, commented on the extraordinary international success.

Any provider of air navigation services or any consortium of companies could sign up for the tender. Due to the demanding requirements for the implementation and organisation of the project a limited number of bidders submitted offers. In the final round, the offer submitted by CANI was evaluated above those of other competitors and selected for the project.

Commercial activities of CANI are an increasingly important part of the ANS CR portfolio. Over the past years growth has been recorded in both the ATCO training domain as well as in flight inspection service provision.