Swedavia, a subsidiary of the LFV group, has signed a contract with Aerothai in Thailand regarding the specification of a new air traffic management system for the control centre in Bangkok and the formulation of an operative concept for air traffic management in Thailand.

“I am very pleased to have been awarded this contract in competition with significantly larger organisations from Europe and other parts of the world. The contract will involve work for a year but there is also the opportunity for further assignments,” said Sture Ericsson, managing director for Swedavia.

The LFV group has recently designed and brought into operation a new air traffic management system in Sweden. LFV is also working on a project in Norway which involves training air traffic control personnel ahead of the introduction of their new air traffic management system.

“Aerothai requires a modern air traffic management system which is expected to be brought into operation in 2012. This system is designed to be in operation for at least ten years and cope with future capacity requirements. Aerothai is 90% state-owned and, with the introduction of this new system, wants to set an example within the region. Being awarded this contract is a feather in the cap for Swedavia and will bring much credibility within the business,” added Sture Ericsson.

The contract with Aerothai was signed at the end of August and work is expected to begin at the end of September. It will initially involve 5-6 people from the LFV group for the period of one year, although as work within the project progresses this number is likely to increase.