MEXIA Interactive and Park Assist announced that they have entered into a cooperation agreement to support one another’s growth in both the airport and shopping centre markets worldwide.

"Park Assist is at the forefront of Parking Guidance technology; however, we have always viewed ourselves as a business intelligence company," stated Gary Neff, Park Assist’s CEO. "Our camera based smart-sensor system has the core business intelligence to deliver new revenue opportunities, create operational efficiencies to streamline costs and offer levels of monitoring and security.

"When we evaluated MEXIA Interactive’s Omni Channel HUB for airports and shopping malls, it became obvious that our two organisations could work together to jointly grow our efforts in these two key vertical markets."

"MEXIA’s SMRT Sensor has been designed to provide insights for both the operational and commercial areas and teams in airports and shopping centres," stated Glenn Tinley, MEXIA Interactive’s CEO. "When we met the team from Park Assist and began to compare notes on our mutual pursuit of airports and shopping centres around the world, working to support one another was a natural extension of our discussions. In fact, both organisations are at advanced stages with many of the same potential clients.

"While this agreement is focused upon the execution side of growing both or our respective businesses, our product teams have begun to investigate the possibility of creating an integrated business intelligence offering that combines the power of both organisations capabilities to offer our customers a unified business intelligence platform covering the shopper and traveller experience from the parking experience throughout the entire facility."