Ink Innovation, a travel technology provider, is set to showcase its future-proof ecosystem at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam on 14-16 March 14-16 2023. This will include mobile, self-service hardware, and software solutions designed to optimise airport operations.

One highlight of Ink’s showcase will be the results of its trials in collaboration with various airlines, which reveal how the Ink Mobile Agent app unlocks up to 35% capacity within just four weeks, significantly reducing wait times and enhancing passenger satisfaction.

Ink launched pilot programs with several airlines in 2022 to demonstrate how easily the Ink ecosystem integrates with existing DCS and PSS systems. These pilot programs prove the technology’s agility in handling the post-pandemic demand for travel while providing extra processing capacity when needed. Attendees can discover what happened on the ground when staff transitioned from traditional systems to mobile devices.

In addition to showcasing its latest innovations, Ink will present its new business division, Ink+, comprised of renowned experts in key industries such as  transportation, smart cities, hospitality, travel, and tourism.

We are committed to customer-centric innovation to create unforgettable experiences that inspire and empower“, stated Ink Innovation president Harmen Brenninkmeijer. “This year we are looking forward to showcasing our latest innovation and unveiling what we’ve been working on lately. We’ll talk more about Ink+ services, our new business division that we are confident can offer critical insights and help airlines and airports improve their operations and enhance the passenger experience.

To meet with Ink’s leadership team, attendees are encouraged to visit Booth 1535 at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam on 14-16 March.

For more information, please follow the links on our profile or visit the Passenger Terminal Expo website.