Aviation specialist INFORM explains in its free webinar on April 21st how intelligent system support increases the efficiency of deicing operations.

Applying an optimised scheduling strategy can help to reduce aircraft waiting times by over 40%. Multiple decisive factors such as weather predictions, runway and deicing position capacity, aircraft and deicing types, as well as the management of resources are taken into account by the system. Like the composer of a symphony the intelligent software brings together all these elements and forms the optimal solution.

The INFORM deicing solution is in place at multiple airports worldwide. The deicing process at Swissport’s Zurich Airport operation has become an exemplary transparent and efficient deployment process by implementing INFORM’s deicing solution and integrating it with all involved players. Deicing specialist N*ICE increased operational awareness and visibility, taking into account A-CDM dependencies.

Deicing operations all over the world face comparable challenges and at the same time require a solution tailored to their specific needs. Based on the companies experience in that field of expertise, the deicing webinar offered by INFORM and held by deicing specialists will show the crucial factors in deicing, how to reduce delays, increase efficiency of staff and equipment, increase deicing throughput and reduce operational costs.

The webinar will take place on April 21, 2015. We will offer two webinars for different time zones to give you the best possibility to attend.

For Europe and Eurasia: 11 AM CET (10:00 UTC)
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For North America: 2 PM EST (19:00 UTC)
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