INFORM’S GroundStar solution has been pivotal in meeting the requirements of the new contract and giving proof that the required services have been provided. Following this change and to facilitate excellent service, it was necessary to rebuild the new business processes within the INFORM solution.

Since 2014, Axxicom has been supported by INFORM’s solution for their Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) services at Schiphol Airport.

More recently, Axxicom has been awarded a new contract with Schiphol Airport to deliver PRM services for another four years starting in February 2019.

The official requirements of the contract regarding passenger tracking, punctuality and other criteria have become even more challenging for Axxicom. As a result and to fulfill the new requirements, working processes had to be changed and the INFORM software needed to be remodelled.

To meet the agreed key performance indicators (KPIs) for punctuality with Schiphol Airport and to increase efficiency, Axxicom went through a complete reorganisation of its operational processes. It established so-called working cells and introduced certain fixed hand-over locations to better control typical airport bottlenecks, such as those that occur in the baggage hall or immigration areas.

Now, each working cell with its own dispatcher and employees is responsible for a predefined group of PRM passengers. This means that all tasks for one PRM passenger are now the responsibility of one dispatcher. The intent is to ensure a smooth and efficient transport for the passenger from the initial pick-up until the final end destination.

Following this change and to facilitate excellent service, it was necessary to rebuild the new business processes within the INFORM solution. Joint sessions were held during which the RealTime system was adapted to the new rules, base data was changed, and training on the system’s innovation was conducted.

In addition, the GS Mobility solution required some adaptations to make these operational changes possible. Introducing fixed handover locations required an easy solution on the PDA in order to handover a PRM passenger from one agent to the other.

Additionally, it was necessary to increase transparency to the airport, whereby scanning passengers’ boarding cards at the gate, as well as at any host desk became obligatory.  Axxicom uses ruggedised mobiles phone with integrated 3D scanner functionality running the INFORM software. Therefore, it is now possible to track a PRM passenger at any stage during the whole process and to confirm punctuality via secured time stamps.

The new GS RealTime version went live in January 2019. After a three weeks test phase, the system proved to be ready. Axxicom started the new PRM service delivery at Schiphol in February.

“We can perfectly rely on our GroundStar solution, and regard the system as crucial in order to meet the requirements of the new contract and to give proof that we actually not only fulfill, but even more, deliver the required  service,” states Lex Visser, Business Unit Director Axxicom Airport Caddy.