Egis Avia has been contracted by the French air navigation services department (DSNA) to provide a turnkey solution managing aeronautical information for 30 medium-traffic airports in France and five airports in overseas departments and territories (such as Cayenne, French Guyana, and Fort de France, Martinique).

Based on its ATALIS product line, a complete and adaptive solution to manage aeronautical information, Egis Avia will provide a toolset including flight movement management, flight plan preparation, general and meteorological information display, briefing office capabilities and aeronautical fixed telecommunication network (AFTN) terminal functions. The first airport to be equipped with this full suite will be Melun, located in the Paris region.

For this project, Egis Avia works in close collaboration with INEO, in charge of carrying out installation works and providing miscellaneous equipments. All operational airport staff will benefit from this new system including control tower supervisors, air traffic controllers, briefing offices operators and technical experts. ATALIS system will enhance their overall information exchange process and thus improve safety and efficiency.