The Congolese government and Egis have signed a concession contract for the development, operation and maintenance of Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire and Ollombo International Airports.

Egis Avia, through its subsidiary SEGAP, jointly held by the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce, and Egis Projects will be the majority shareholders and reference technical partners of the concessionaire Aéroports de la République du Congo (AERCO).

Egis and its partners will operate the following airports for 25 years:

  • Brazzaville “Maya-Maya” International Airport (BIA), the 6th African airport for freight tonnage with a traffic of 800,000 passengers and 75,000 tons of freight in 2008, which will be refurbished with new infrastructure and equipment including an Airbus A380 compatible runway, taxiways, parking stands and an ultra-modern 50,000 square metre terminal
  • Pointe-Noire “A.A. Neto” International Airport, the 5th African airport for freight tonnage with a traffic of 650,000 passengers and 85,000 tons of freight in 2008
  • The new Ollombo International Airport, located in Northern Congo in an area that is expected to benefit from a strong economic growth fostered by the mining industry

The initial investment programme to be realised by AERCO will include the building of the airport perimeter fences and the renewal of the freight zones. These works will increase Egis Bceom International and Egis Avia’s studies and supervision activities in the country.

Egis will also provide experienced managers through a technical assistance agreement who will run the airport and bring in their expertise in the fields of management, airport operation and maintenance.

With this contract Egis is strengthening its key position in the field of airport management in the world. Egis is now operating seven international airports, handling 11 million passengers and 200,000 tons of freight every year.