DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Park Air Systems of Norway and Data Processing Systems LLC (DPS), a leading and strong partnership in the regional aviation industry, today announced the win of two contracts from Dubai Civil Aviation that will see them install Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) technology at Dubai International Airport (DIA) and Dubai World Central (DWC), Jebel Ali.

ILS and Distance Measurement Equipment (DME) are the technologies that allow pilots to position the aircraft for the optimum approach for landing by providing information on the correct pitch, speed and distance to the runway - this is visually represented by aligning a horizontal and vertical line on a screen in the cockpit. When properly aligned the aircraft then demonstrates the best 'angle of attack’ (approach pitch) for the aircraft’s descent.

The ILS system is part of a group of systems that provide airports with their international classifications and, therefore, is an invaluable tool for a modern airport and a system that demands the greatest regard for the integrity of the systems used.

The systems provided by Park Air Systems and installed by DPS include the latest internationally accredited ILS CAT-III B (three-B) usage enabling aircraft to land in what would normally be more hazardous conditions like fog and mist, which could cause traffic to be diverted to another airport. The systems to be installed at both airports are recognised by the UAE GCAA, UK CAA SRG and in accordance with ICAO regulations.

"As Part of its on going growth plans to cope with projected demands, DCA opted for the implementation of an ILS Category IIIB system for Dubai World Central. We were pleased to note DPS and Park Air Systems’ experience having provided and implemented previous projects at Dubai International Airport and having similar support systems to other international airports in the region and this was essential to our understanding and trust in the company to deliver," said Mr. Khalifa Al-Zaffin – Director of Engineering & Projects, Dubai Civil Aviation.

The 'South Runway’ project at Dubai International Airport is due for completion early in the second quarter of 2007 with the Dubai World Central International Airport project scheduled to take approximately 10 months from its commencement.

"We are extremely pleased to have been selected by DCA to implement the necessary ILS systems for Dubai’s two international airports - aviation hubs that will see some of the most dynamic changes over the next five years, for international travel and logistics," said Alan Bourjeily, Manager - Aviation Engineering Division, DPS.

"Having provided similar support and services to Abu Dhabi International Airport, we were able to demonstrate our technical know-how and operational experience of running and managing the technology vital to a modern international airport. Having the right systems in place to accommodate and cope with growing demand is paramount in helping achieve DCA’s goals and Dubai’s rapidly growing aviation infrastructure in the short to medium term," added Bourjeily.

As well as the ILS systems for Abu Dhabi International, DPS and PAS have a strong portfolio of work in providing aviation, airport systems and support with projects ranging from the implementation of the Ground Movement Radar at Abu Dhabi and Dubai International Airports, Instrument Landing Systems for Sharjah International, as well as enhancing and modernising Air Traffic Services for Fujairah International Airport.