ATNS CEO, Thabani Mthiyane’s speech at the occasion of the unveiling of an ‘ICAO Global Aviation Training – Trainair Plus Full Membership’ plaque and acknowledgement of a recognition award by ICAO on ‘The Most Participation in the ICAO Training Instructors’ Course’, held at the ATNS aviation training academy, near ORT International Airport, Kempton Park.

"It is indeed a privilege for me to unveil this plaque, which is undoubtedly a fruit of our hard labour. This is indeed a collective effort by each and every one of us here at ATNS.

"In the past two weeks an ATNS ATA delegation, led by the executive: Human Capital, Ms Thandi Thankge, travelled and attended the TRAINAIR Plus Global Symposium in Ireland were they received two ICAO Awards, namely the ‘ICAO Global Aviation Training – Trainair Plus full membership’ plague and a Recognition Award on ‘the most participation in the ICAO training instructors’ course.’

"Mr Rodney Subramany has already said a mouthful about these Awards. What I can say is that these Awards mean one thing and one thing only. They open a different door to improvement, an evolutionary one instead of a revolution. We are innovating more and inventing less.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Technology is huge, whether in Science, the arts and/or engineering. Its impact is unrivalled. This fact is crucial because our lives are literally dependent on technology.

"I’d like to talk briefly about the ATNS Realignment, Growth and Positioning (ARGAP) Programme, which talks to the future of training, and ATNS’ preparedness relating to automation, and the role technology plays within the aviation industry.

"Taking cognizance of the fast changing global and local economic environment, it is imperative for ATNS to have a macro strategy that is aligned with the national government, continental and global priorities, as well as being flexible enough to absorb the uncertain economic changes.

"In hindsight, ARGAP looks at the strategic deployment of scarce resources and the leveraging against global aviation and socio-economic environmental best practices.

"ARGAP is a sustainability programme that will address all pertinent issues that will take ATNS to 2030. The program is aimed at aligning ATNS to the National Development Program (NDP) as accepted by the South African government,

"ARGAP provides an overview of the afore-mentioned analysis, with its clear articulated timelines, provide insight on ATC Human Resources planning including technology, as well as ATM requirements leading to 2030. This analysis is based on 2030; 2025, 2020 and 2015 industry requirements. This is from an ATNS perspective.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, ATNS’s alignment with the above will give the company a clear direction with regard to resource planning and analytical long-term projections on ATNS’ industry requirements. The Company currently offers a bouquet of services and products, which relies much on the sustainability of its current capabilities.

"ARGAP is not a pipedream. It is a reality based on fact.

"Breaking down barriers involves two distinct victories. Firstly, access to technology and secondly, getting the right people who are able to use that technology. Leadership makes a huge difference in this regard. ATNS ATA has done incredible things in the continent and in South Africa.

"Our candidates’ profiles are diverse, dominated by those from the rural areas. In the continent, we are part of a collective – who are committed to making African skies safe through training, among others.

"By harnessing the great human joys of discovery and creation, we can enhance learning and our communication skills alongside the ‘adventures of finding out and making things happen’ within this industry. We can best do these things by removing the barriers the next generation, and the generation thereafter, is likely to encounter. And that is being innovative. We can experiment with different paths to this goal.

"In closing, I would like to thank my fellow executives, for their inputs in running this organization, the board for their unwavering support and lastly, our staff – who continue to offer their intellectual capital selflessly.