As a leader in championing the cause of Africa, ATNS feels that the efforts made by Mr Albert Taylor are commendable and would like to assist him in uplifting areas requiring assistance on the African continent. It is within this framework that Air Traffic Navigation Services would like to introduce the Albert Taylor Scholarship.

The Albert Taylor Scholarship has been established in honour of Mr Albert Taylor who has had a profound contribution to the aviation industry in Africa. Mr Albert Taylor had a long association with ATNS Aviation Training Academy and served for many years as an international marketing manager. The fund for the Albert Taylor Scholarship is administered by ATNS Aviation Training Academy.

Mr Albert Taylor is undoubtedly known as one of Africa’s pioneering air traffic controllers. In his own person he combines the most outstanding gifts of intellectual power, strength of will and energy, coupled with a remarkable endurance that never fails to impress. Mr Albert Taylor is known for his passion and commitment, ATNS embraces these vital qualities recognising his quest to assist Africa in sustaining a safe delivery service.

Selection criteria

  • The nominee must have clear goals and objectives in mind and articulate a direction and focus for attaining them
  • The nominee exhibits initiative and commitment toward making a positive contribution to the aviation industry as a whole
  • The scholarship will be awarded based on the strength of the candidate’s academic background and a demonstrated strong evidence of leadership potential


  • Honesty, integrity, devotion to duty
  • In support of the ATNS mission to providing a safe, orderly, expeditious and efficient air traffic, navigational and associated services meeting required world class standards
  • Moral force of character and to take an interest in one’s fellow beings
  • A keen interest in the aviation industry within Africa

Conditions of award

The scholarship shall be awarded annually to individuals or a country with a specific training need as identified by Mr Albert Taylor, the training will then be held at the Aviation Training Academy or on site as per the country’s requirements. The scholarship shall be awarded by ATNS on the recommendation of the said country which will draw up a list of nominees for consideration by ATNS ATA and Mr Albert Taylor.


During the 2008 academic year, the scholarship was awarded to Nigeria, which was specifically chosen by Mr Albert Taylor. The assessments have been conducted on site in Nigeria by professional ATNS Aviation Training Academy instructors. In 2010, Ghana were the recipients and 25 students were trained in the capital, Accra. 2010 saw the scholarship being awarded to South Sudan. All these countries’ candidates underwent specialised training in Aviation English Language Proficiency as laid down by regulations set up by ICAO.



The ATNS ATA will administer all the courses, including:

  • Screening of nominated delegates and their acceptance
  • Registration of nominated delegates on the training information system
  • The ATNS ATA will facilitate visa applications for international clients with the embassy in the said country at least 15 days prior to commencement of course
  • The ATNS ATA will provide nominated delegates with a list of contracted guest lodges to obtain three preferences from each delegate that wish to make use of guest lodge accommodation and will book accommodation for all international delegates registered on each course as per client request on the clients’ behalf
  • The ATNS ATA will determine by email and telephone the travel arrangements of nominated delegates and will ensure that a ATNS representative will meet the delegates at the airport on arrival
  • The ATNS ATA will provide all course material required for each course
  • The ATNS ATA shall then provide all delegates attending the course(s) with certificates on completion
  • The ATNS ATA shall dispatch all individual and consolidated course reports to different stakeholders on completion of the course


  • The scholarship (ATA) carries a stipend of $130 per day for all the instructors who will be conducting the training. The rate will be reviewed after each year
  • The scholarship (ATA) will pay all tuition costs (inclusive of course material and stationery and student bag) in full as part of the scholarship

Accommodation and flight cost

  • The cost of accommodation and flight tickets for the instructors travelling to the said country will be fully funded by the scholarship
  • The cost of accommodation and flight tickets for delegates awarded the scholarship will be funded by the specific organisation

Venues and equipment

  • The ATNS ATA shall provide all training equipment, venues and catering for training held at the Aviation Training Academy
  • The chosen organisation shall provide all training equipment, venues and catering for all training held on site at that specific country