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Independent Consultants for Airport and Security Planning Services

Founded in 2006, AIRSIDE is an independent consulting company for airport and security planning.

Airport Solutions Keiser,
Murgenthalstrasse 15,
CH – 4900 Langenthal,

Airport Solutions Keiser,
Murgenthalstrasse 15,
CH – 4900 Langenthal,

AIRSIDE is an independent consulting company for airport and security planning applications.

The company’s experience and in-depth functional airport knowledge, combined with its architectural and building competence, allow it to provide bespoke solutions for a client’s specific needs.

AIRSIDE evaluates the strategic, functional, operational, commercial, economical and ecological aspects of projects to work out a sustainable development for airport facilities.

It partners with clients to develop new airports, expansions for existing airport facilities, and future development strategies, as well as optimise existing facilities regarding operational capacity, concessions and security projects.

Consulting, planning and design services for airports

For clients’ existing buildings or new projects, AIRSIDE works as an independent planner or as a consultant to project teams during the planning process.

The company also creates an integrative solution in the concept phase as a study project, as part of a client’s project planning or on-site services.

Airport plan conception and analysis

AIRSIDE analyses a client’s facilities to define their requirements, provide programming services, develop concepts that can be implemented in long-term projects, or offer a second opinion on existing plans.

The company also integrates existing facilities under ongoing airport operation. Whatever a client’s needs, AIRSIDE is able to find a highly functional and cost-effective proposal.

Master plans, airside strategies and landside developments

AIRSIDE’s solutions leave scope for future change and incorporate ongoing consideration for the environment.

Based on a capacity calculation and the definition of your traffic strategies, the airport master plan coordinates airside and landside elements for future expansion. Apron layout, landside development and basic urban planning are defined based on rational land use and operational readiness.

Terminal planning analysis, capacity models and layout planning

AIRSIDE’s functional and architectural knowledge of airports helps it to develop terminal layouts, reconciling aviation and non-aviation functions, and using capacity models and area calculation as key elements.

The company provides balanced solutions that are sustainable, cost-effective and enable hiqh-quality operations.

Airport security planning

Airport security standards, such as Regulation (EC) No 300 / 2008, have become an integral part of airport planning. Based on the client’s operational requirements, the company works out an optimised integrated security concept for existing facilities or new projects.

AIRSIDE’s highly flexible solutions respect operational and safety aspects to enable smoother airport security processes.

Bratislava Airport

Bratislava Airport, also known as M. R. Štefánik Airport, is the main international airport in Slovakia. I


Airport Solutions Keiser

Murgenthalstrasse 15

CH – 4900 Langenthal