Leading European airlines and airports use the automated passenger handling systems and solutions from Materna Information & Communications.

The Germany-based company is now opening its own US office in Orlando, Florida, from October 2015. Materna is now all set to market its well-established products and solutions for the aviation industry in the US market. For the first time, Materna will be showcasing its aviation products at the Future Travel Experience Global 2015 (FTE) from 9th to 11th September, 2015 in Las Vegas. In cooperation with its local partner Ultra Electronics Airport Systems, Materna is already delivering passenger handling systems for a large regional airport in California.

Materna is now transferring its already wide-spread solutions for check-in, self tagging, self-bag drop and payment solutions to the US market, and is investing in this rapidly growing sector to attract even more aviation customers. Existing customers include Swedavia from Sweden, Lufthansa from Germany, Emirates from the Middle East, as well as the airports London Gatwick, Vienna, Hamburg, and Vilnius.

"We look forward to entering the US market with our high value aviation solutions. Based on our order to install a large amount of check-in kiosks at the large regional airport in California we have already set a strong basis for our future development in the US market," says Materna CEO Helmut Binder. Materna will offer its aviation solutions in combination with several partners.

Innovator for baggage handling

At FTE Global, Las Vegas, Materna will be focusing on presenting its latest generation of automatic ‘Common Use’ baggage handling and self tagging solutions. Materna is regarded as one of the real innovators in this sector. Materna has implemented the current self-bag drop standard set by the trade association for the world’s airlines, IATA, and has also integrated components for cashless payments in common use environments. Materna’s solution offers passengers the opportunity to hand in their baggage all by themselves, irrespective of desk opening times. If baggage weight allowances are exceeded, Materna’s solution also calculates the excess baggage charge, which can then be paid directly on the spot. This new bag drop solution can be deployed by airport operators as a fully automatic system at unmanned kiosks or as a solution accompanied by staff for different airlines.