Alstef has been selected by Cote d’Azur Airports for the complete renovation of the baggage handling system in the departure area of Nice Airport’s Terminal 1.

This €14 million project will be carried out in several phases to be completed in the spring of 2015, so terminal operations will not be affected by the works.

The baggage handling contract includes the replacement of 55 check-in stations and a new baggage handling system, composed of a conventional belt conveyors system which transfers the bags to two loops of a DCV Autover® system supplied by Alstef’s partner, Beumer.

Nearly 150 Autocas®, individual carts of new generation, will carry the bags through their journey to four new standard 3 EDS’, automatic bar code readers, manual encoding stations, temporary storage, and 50 sorting chutes.

This entirely automated system will be controlled by a PLC, a SCADA system, and Bagware®, a sort-allocation software package developed by Alstef.

Cote d’Azur Airports decided to award the contract to Alstef after a call for tenders on performances, because of the innovative solutions it offers.

Alstef’s system has the following advantages :

  • High level of redundancy
  • Flexibility of use
  • Ergonomics and comfort for the personnel
  • Centralised maintenance (the vehicles are repaired in the maintenance area, which does not affect operations)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Adaptability to future improvements at the airport

In addition to the new baggage sorting system, Alstef will be responsible for the modifications in the terminal building at all levels, including masonry, smoke ejection, air conditioning, fire protection, access controls, and CCTV, with the collaboration of a local company, Jean Graniou.

Alstef has also been awarded charge of the maintenance of this new system until 2017 (Alstef has been assuring the maintenance of the baggage sorting system in Terminal 2.2 since 2008).

Terminal 1 at Nice Airport will include the 5th DCV Autover® system Alstef has installed since 2006, following installation at Toulouse Blagnac, Dubai Emirates, Montrel-Trudeau and Oujda Angads. It will also include a total of nearly 450 Autoca vehicles and 7km of track.