Alstef Baggage Drop BAGXpress

ALSTEF expands its range of automatic bag drop-off solutions with BAGXpress lite. This simple and economical solution was designed by modifying baggage drop-off positions to integrate automated equipment. Depending on their needs, passengers can choose to complete the baggage check-in process in automatic mode using BAGXpress lite, or in manual mode using the conventional assisted drop-off positions that remain functional.

In automatic mode, passengers can check in their baggage easily and rapidly. The full process is completed in only two steps. Passengers check in at a self-service counter where they print their boarding pass and bag tag that they place on their baggage. They can then head towards the BAGXpress lite location where they place their bag directly on the conveyor belt, or in a tray, and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. BAGXpress lite performs all the required controls: bag weighing and measuring, reading the bag tag, and association of baggage/boarding pass (via connection to the DCS). After the bag is validated, it is introduced into the baggage sorting system. The passenger can then move towards the boarding area.

ALSTEF has successfully installed BAGXpress lite at their Operation in the Trans-Border Terminal of Montreal Airport. Eight of the seventeen positions have been converted and each can be used by any passenger from any Airline. A first for this type of installation. Conceived, designed, and installed by Alstef these installations have been well received by the Airport Authority, the Airlines, and their passengers. (25% of passengers are now using this process).

ALSTEF has a solution for each Airport, depending on its configuration. ALSTEF will propose the best solution to replace traditional baggage check-in counters, to link automatic bag drop-off machines to an existing baggage sorting system or to implement BAGXpress in a new terminal.