Airports require sophisticated airfield and runway safety area systems to continuously inspect for locating potentially hazardous objects on airfields and runways.

Next-generation radar-based systems are gaining traction amid rising threats such as drones near airports, bird aircraft strike hazards and foreign object debris (FOD) on runways.

Need for modern runway and airfield safety solutions at airports

The majority of airports currently rely on human supervision and vehicle patrols for regular perimeter fence checks and inspections of airfields and runways, resulting in inefficient safety operations due to limitations such as poor visibility and inconsistent human performance.

Advanced radar-based surveillance and automated monitoring solutions, as well as remotely piloted aircraft systems, enable airport authorities to accurately inspect airfield and runway equipment and systems while achieving cost and time savings when compared to conventional airport safety procedures.

Discover suppliers of airfield and runway safety area systems

Airport Technology has listed a comprehensive range of airfield and runway safety systems providers. The list includes suppliers of runway hazard management systems, advanced FOD and wildlife radar detection systems, air traffic safety services, and risk management and governance programmes for airports.

The download document is useful for airport owners and operators, procurement officers, airport managers, safety managers, safety specialists, technicians and other individuals involved in the acquisition, operation and maintenance of runway and airfield safety systems.

The download contains detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers and their product offerings, alongside contact details to ease your purchasing decision.

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Airfield and runway safety systems for airports

Airfield and runway safety products and solutions designed for airports include:

  • Infrared barrier aircraft detectors for runways and taxiways
  • High-quality jet-blast deflector fences
  • Runway hazard management system for automatic FOD detection and enhanced wildlife control
  • Bird control solutions for aviation environments
  • Pest and predator deterrent equipment
  • Remotely piloted aircraft for equipment inspection
  • Radar systems
  • Safety systems, assurance and training for air traffic management