Airports constitute a range of airside and landside assets such as airfields, runways and taxiways, aerobridges, transit systems, refuelling facilities, buildings, baggage handling systems, parking garages, air navigation aids, and associated mechanical and electrical infrastructure that require efficient aviation asset management tools for their effective maintenance and uninterrupted operation.

Leading aviation asset management solutions providers

Based on its experience in the sector, Airport Technology has listed established airport asset management companies that offer airport asset management planning solutions, mobile maintenance solutions, real-time airport operations monitoring solutions, and intelligent airport management platforms.

The download document is useful for airport owners and operators, airlines, strategists, procurement officers, airport managers, facility managers, technicians and any other individual involved in the management of infrastructure and assets at airports.

The document contains detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers and their product offerings, alongside their contact details.

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Asset management for airports

Asset management solutions and services designed for use by airport operators include:

  • Airport operations management services
  • Modular airport management software
  • Airport operations management systems
  • Airport operational control centres and remote-control systems for airport personnel
  • Unit load device (ULD) management, and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) solutions
  • Software for optimising airport operations
  • Guest predictability software
  • Operational data collection and flight management software
  • Revenue maximisation and concessionaire data analytics

Role of asset management systems in airport operations

Asset management solutions assist in maintaining airport facilities, managing fleets and optimising the total cost of airport ownership, as well as enhancing the passenger experience.

Large-scale and complex operations often pose challenges to airport operators, which can be addressed by implementing a robust strategic asset management plan, continuous monitoring of asset health, and predictive maintenance programmes.

Integration of modern digital technologies such as enterprise asset management (EAM), automation and artificial intelligence (AI) with analytical capabilities helps to optimise airport asset and system management through their service life.