Sustainable airport design, planning, development, construction and engineering of facilities are vital to efficiently meet the changing requirements and demands of end-users, airport processes and regulations.

Discover leading providers of airport construction, design and engineering services

Based on its experience in the sector, Airport Technology has listed established airport design companies and construction and engineering products and services providers. The list includes providers of airport master planning, terminal planning, design and engineering services, intelligent airside marking design software, interior design products and facades, and heavy-duty surface drainage systems.

The download document is useful for airport owners and operators, procurement officers, project managers, engineers, design consultants, architects and any other individual involved in all phases of design, construction, and engineering of airport facilities.

The download contains detailed information on the suppliers and their service offerings, alongside contact details to aid your buying decision.

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Airport engineering, design, and construction services and companies

The design, construction and engineering services offered for airports include, but are not limited to:

  • Air traffic control design, pre-engineered cabins and communications systems
  • Airport planning, design, and advisory services
  • Access systems for window cleaning and building maintenance of airports
  • Terminal planning, design, and engineering
  • Complete air traffic control tower (ATC) units and airport engineering solutions
  • Specialist aviation consulting and planning services
  • Software solutions

Role of design, construction and engineering in airport development

A competent multi-disciplinary design approach and integrated design, construction and engineering solutions are essential in airport development to meet the growing demand for air transport and sustain long-term airport operations.

Further, user-centric planning and design strategies and innovative construction and engineering concepts complemented by computer modelling and design visualisation technologies help airport operators create reliable and safe infrastructure for their users.