Airport consultants are crucial in the development phase of airports which involves the planning, designing and construction of various facilities and infrastructure, such as terminals, runways, and air traffic control towers.

Consulting and project management both play a key role in the planning, development and long-term maintenance of airports as well as the associated infrastructure.

Top airport consultants, project management and business solutions providers

Airport Technology has listed leading providers of consultancy, project management and business solutions for airports based on its experience in the aviation sector. The providers featured on the list offer services, including planning, design and engineering, airport development and environmental advice, resource planning and optimisation, and project management and airport security planning.

Other services from providers on the list include materials handling consultancy, baggage handling system design, airport control and communications systems design, and passenger analytics and risk management.

The download document is designed for airport managers and consultants, developers and designers, construction managers, project managers, aviation planners, and business operations and technical managers.

The download contains detailed information on the suppliers and their product lines, as well as contact details to help with hiring decisions.

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Services offered by airport engineering consultants and airport consulting firms

Airport consulting firms specialise in certain aspects of airport development such as project feasibility and commercial viability, environmental studies, auditing, and financial consulting. Airport consultancy services can include:

  • Masterplan studies and development planning
  • Architectural services
  • Structural design
  • Contract management
  • Environmental and social impact analysis studies
  • Construction supervision
  • Safety studies
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Mechanical, engineering and plumbing
  • Airport retail optimisation
  • Tendering and bidding

When selecting airport engineering consultants and airport consulting firms, use of best-in class technologies as well as proven and leading methodologies, in-house expertise in regulations, master planning, and financial modelling should all be considered.

Business solutions for airport developers and operators

Airport business solutions include services related to the operation of an airport such as:

  • Air-to-ground communications
  • Baggage operations
  • Airport management
  • Cargo operations
  • Security management
  • Real-estate management and leasing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Fuelling and ground handling