Airport operators rely on state-of-the-art ground support equipment to meet the demanding operational requirements of passengers and aircraft on the ground.

Ground support equipment and systems support aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), refuelling, towage, and parking, as well as passenger and baggage transport and boarding/deboarding.

Finding the best ground support equipment manufacturers

Airport Technology has listed leading suppliers of ground support equipment and systems based on its experience in the sector. These companies offer a range of customised equipment and systems such as passenger boarding ramps, aircraft access stands, MRO tools, specialised vehicles, power conversion and supply solutions, and aircraft docking and maintenance platforms.

The information available in the download document is useful for airport owners, airlines, procurement officers, airport managers, air cargo handlers, ground handling staff and other individuals involved in the acquisition, operation and maintenance of airport and aircraft ground support equipment.

Ground support equipment companies

The download contains detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers, as well as their solutions and contact details to aid with purchasing or hiring decisions.

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Ground support equipment list

Ground support equipment and systems available for airport operators include, but are not limited to:

  • Airport ground support equipment, management, and consultancy services
  • Ground support equipment and services for airports
  • Customised terminal equipment and support services
  • Explosion-proof aircraft hangar ground support plugs, receptacles, and cable assemblies
  • Aircraft ground support equipment, power units and underground service pits
  • Lightweight portable load banks for airports and aircraft
  • Conveyor belt loaders, lavatory servicing units, potable water units and passenger steps
  • Towbar-less aircraft tractors and recovery systems
  • Portable ground power equipment, aircraft refuellers and terminal tractors

The role of aviation ground support for airports and aircraft

Best-in-class ground support equipment is essential for airlines, airports, air cargo transport providers, ground handlers and fixed-base operators (FBO) to meet growing air passenger traffic, air cargo volumes and aircraft movements.

Development of aviation infrastructure, including the construction of new airports, as well as the expansion of existing airports, further increases the need for the best ground support equipment and services.