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Space-based ADS-B and aviation: AIR Issue 65 is out now

In this issue: the potential of space-based ADS-B, handling adverse weather conditions at airports, autonomous cleaning robots and more.

Sustainability on the horizon: AIR Issue 64 is out now

In this issue: a sustainable approach to the Single European Sky, 3D visualisation tech and ATC, a farewell to Tegel airport and much more.

Controlling the future: AIR Issue 63 is out now

In this issue: the future of remote air traffic control, monitoring in-flight Covid-19 transmission, the UK’s sustainable aviation fuel market and more.

Passing the test: AIR Issue 62 is out now

In this issue: Covid-19 testing at airports, futuristic aircraft, reasons to be cheerful and more.

5G takes off at airports: the latest issue of AIR is out now

In this issue: the benefits of 5G for airports, how Istanbul Airport is leading the charge on Covid-19 safety measures, autonomous baggage handling solutions and more.

Next steps for recovery: AIR Issue 60 is out now

In this issue: short and long-term survival strategies for aviation, the future of urban vertiports, virtual training for pilots and more.

The rise of touchless technology: AIR Issue 59 is out now

In this issue: the rise of touchless technology at airports, mapping out aircraft storage hotspots during Covid-19, the start-up trying to make ‘aircraft on demand’ a reality and more.

Designing for the future: AIR Issue 58 is out now

In this issue: the implications of Covid-19 for terminal design, a new sustainable taxiing solution at Schiphol Airport, and speaking to ACI World’s new director-general about the next steps for the industry.

The winds of change: AIR Issue 57 is out now

In this issue: the relationship between airports and wind farms, aviation’s contribution to Covid-19 relief efforts, blockchain and AI in aviation, and more.

The big bailout: AIR Issue 56 is out now

In this issue: analysing government bailouts for airlines amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the impact of ridesharing apps on airports, the future of sustainable aviation fuels, and more.