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Prepping for a hydrogen future

Aviation projects are exploring the potential of hydrogen in and around airports, and even across the airways. Where could hydrogen be used in aviation and does this cleaner fuel source have a future in the sector?

London City: an inner-city airport takes shape

London City Airport is making impressive progress as the £480m City Airport Development Programme gathers pace. What are the developers hoping to achieve, and what will the final plans look like?

Transfer facilities: making the right connections

Dublin Airport has just opened a new €16m transfer facility in Pier 4 for passengers with connecting flights. Transfer passengers are an important part of many airports’ operations, but what are the specific needs of connecting passengers and how has Dublin Airport designed its new facility to meet their expectations?

Is airport public Wi-Fi cyber-secure?

Earlier this year, cybersecurity experts Coronet published a report ranking the US airports where passengers are most likely to be hacked if they sign in via a public Wi-Fi network. But just how risky is it to connect to public Wi-Fi in an airport? Elliot Gardner finds out more.

Should airports have their own microgrids?

After Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest airport in the world, experienced a major power supply disruption on 17 December 2017, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) was awarded a $450,000 research grant to develop a microgrid implementation toolkit to help airports avoid disaster. So what will the toolkit need to cover and how exactly do microgrids work in this setting?

Sounding off over aircraft noise

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, aircraft noise can disturb sleep patterns, cause cognitive impairment in children and raise the risk of cardiovascular problems. So what’s being done to combat noise pollution? Elliot Gardner finds out.

Insecurity: the risk cyber-ignorance poses to airport screening equipment

Despite airports being incredibly secure environments, cyberattacks could make screening systems useless and create a potentially deadly threat. Elliot Gardner takes a closer look at the looming cyber threat.