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Roundtable: what should the future of aviation look like?

The aviation industry is in turmoil and as the post-Covid-19 reality dawns, a plan is urgently needed. As the sector debates on how to re-establish passenger confidence, we ask a range of experts: what should aviation do in the short and long-term to forge a path to recovery?

Q&A: the future of airport design with Curtis Fentress

Every year, global architecture firm Fentress Architects launches a student competition challenging participants to envision and design the airport of the future. Adele Berti spoke to the competition’s founder Curtis Fentress about the winning projects and how they incorporated new technologies, climate change and other key trends.

In-flight catering: exploring meal trends for 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic is encouraging airlines to boost their appeal to passengers in the new year– and improving their menu options might just be the way to do so. From veganism to health and safety, what trends should companies focus on?

In-flight Covid-19 transmission: how risky is it to fly in the pandemic?

Recent figures from IATA suggest that only 50 cases of Covid-19 have been associated with a flight, worldwide, despite more than one billion people travelling this year. Although IATA is clear this may be an underestimate, these numbers suggest an almost negligible chance of infection. But how risky is flying in the time of Covid-19 really? Alexandra Nawrat looks at what is currently known about in-flight Covid-19 transmission.

Flying in formation to save emissions: inside the Airbus fello’fly project

Airbus’s fello’fly project is working to apply the principle of wake-energy retrieval to commercial aviation, a move that could help reduce between 5%-10% of carbon emissions. Demonstrator leader Nick MacDonald talks about the idea and next steps towards implementation.

Reasons to be cheerful: 2 – Aviation can return more sustainable than ever

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a dark time for many airports, but are there reasons to be cheerful ahead of next year? In the second part of our series, writer Adele Berti, is the second to consider silver linings from a difficult year and ask: what might the future hold?

Why is San Francisco Airport making terminals quieter?

San Francisco Airport is working to improve its passenger experience by decreasing noise pollution on site through its ‘Quiet Airport’ programme. The project includes initiatives such as eliminating over 90 minutes of unnecessary announcements each day and making elevators and walkaways less noisy.

Covid-19: is airport testing a viable solution?

As countries feel the pressure to prevent the spread of Covid-19, a debate is ongoing about whether testing for the virus at airports is a realistic prevention method that can keep travel moving. But how efficient is it as an option and what other solutions are currently available?

Istanbul Airport: leading the charge against Covid-19

Istanbul Airport recently became the first airport in the world to be accredited under Airport Council International’s Airport Health Accreditation Scheme. As the airport’s CEO Kadri Samsunlu explains to Adele Berti, the scheme is playing a crucial role in Istanbul’s bid to attract passengers back to flying.

Q&A: how monitoring mobile phone signals can keep airports safe with Revector

UK-based technology company Revector is using digital signatures from mobile devices to detect potential security threats in airports. As CEO and founder Andy Gent explains, this enhanced monitoring offers great potential in the aviation industry.