Set jetting has grown in popularity in recent years and this looks set to continue. GlobalData’s Q3 survey 2021 found that 17% of responses state that ‘other media’, such as television and film, are the main influence on where to go on holiday. This, coupled with 31% of respondents being influenced by social media, show that set jetting is on the rise. Set jetting is the trend of travelling to destinations that are first seen in movies. It is also referred to as a ‘Location Vacation’. Some examples of popular locations for set jetting are New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park, which features everything a Lord of The Rings fan could possibly want to see, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, the setting for Breaking Bad. Locations are seeing an increase in tourism as a result of their use in popular media. With restrictions on travel slowly lifting, there is expected to be an uptick in tourism, and with viewing increasing by more than an hour a day during restrictions it stands to reason that filming locations could see an increase in visitors.

Influencers and celebrities shape the popularity of holiday destinations

Social media is at the forefront of set jetting, with influencers telling people where to go and studios finding it easier to interact with fans, making the dissemination of information surrounding locations easier than ever. Actors are posting on their social media accounts increasingly about the projects they are involved in, sharing behind the scenes information and promoting their shows. As more industries enter this marketing sphere, new trends are likely to emerge. One of the most recent trends has been the influx of destination bloggers and travellers. While influencers’ travels may be funded by the brands they’re promoting, they remain considerably more relatable than actors in TV ads. The draw of this relatability gives influencers a hold over younger generations, affecting their travel decisions and shaping their wanderlust. In short, travel influencer marketing is the reason younger generations take more vacations, and younger generations are the reason these tactics work so well. Entertainment was the original influencer, so it stands to reason, with there being less distance between celebrity and fan, it is easier to find locations.

Locations capitalise on everything they can in recent years

Filming locations and studios are partnering on more marketable attractions. For example, located at one of the show’s original filming sites within Linen Mill Studios, the brand-new Game of Thrones Studio opened on February 4, 2022. Developed under license with Warner Brothers Consumer Products, and in partnership with HBO Licensing and Retail, this is a permanent, officially licensed Game of Thrones attraction. 75% of the series was filmed in Northern Ireland, and one-third of that was shot at Linen Mill Studios. Attractions like this, and tours both unofficial and licensed, show that set jetting is growing in popularity, as travellers want to experience the locations of their favourite tv shows and films firsthand.