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Röder HTS Höcker is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality airport buildings, terminals and aircraft hangars.

Airport building and hangar solutions

The company supplies both the private and public sectors with its airport building solutions, which include semi-permanent and temporary airport buildings, hangars and garages for airplanes and helicopters, logistics centres, storage facilities, temporary airport terminals and arrival halls, bagging handling areas, cargo and warehousing facilities, relocatable structures for ground support equipment, canopy structures, custom built structures to customer exact specifications.

Additionally, it provides turnkey airport solutions with complete equipment such as:

  • Baggage handling systems
  • Baggage screening
  • Fire detection
  • Video surveillance
  • FIDS
  • Counters
  • PA systems
  • Furniture

Aluminium-framed airport buildings designed to specifications

Airport terminals and buildings by Röder HTS Höcker are engineered using an aluminium frame. This combines lightweight, non-corrosive qualities with strength and durability. It also makes the buildings quick and easy to manufacture, transport and install.

Despite this, all buildings are engineered to meet site specific snow and wind loadings, ensuring they can provide a more permanent solution if required and remain in place for fifteen years plus.

The buildings will be designed to your exact specification, including dimensions, insulation levels, roof systems, wall cladding, glazed panels, doors and windows.

An airport building from Röder HTS Höcker can also be supplied with all the necessary equipment needed for a fully functioning terminal, including temperature control, PA systems, video surveillance, baggage handling systems, counters, furniture, and fire detection.

When would you need a temporary airport building?

Instead of a permanent building

Permanent building projects can be a drain on resources, especially time and budget. As an alternative, a Röder HTS Höcker semi-permanent airport terminal building means you can achieve the same result as a permanent structure but for much less time, cost and headache.

Seasonality and events

Unforeseen peaks in seasonality or a large global event could mean existing airport facilities can no longer cope with the increase in passengers. In turn this might cause frustration and delays. In the case of a high-profile world summit or event, having the right transport infrastructure in place might be key to the event's overall success. This additional space can be easily provided with a Röder HTS Höcker airport building or terminal, creating the space needed for the exact time period required.

Fire or flood damage

Fire or flood damage can cause chaos at any airport, with passenger and cargo flights drastically reduced. The ability to have the airport operating at full capacity quickly is essential, and something that can be achieved by using a Röder HTS Höcker airport building.

Improvements and Refurbishments

A structural or aesthetic improvement to existing airport buildings and facilities can affect operational capacity. To avoid this, a temporary airport building from Röder HTS Höcker can be provided for the duration of the work.

The benefits of Röder HTS Höcker airport terminal buildings

Röder HTS Höcker has witnessed rapid growth since its inception and today is considered a leading global force within its specialist market. It manufactures a diverse range of modular clear-span structures, which are available in widths ranging from 3m to 60m.
Airports are continuously expanding and need to react quickly to a change in operational requirements. Our vast range of structures can easily accommodate your specific airport needs.

For Röder HTS Höcker, innovation and technology are the company's key driving forces, with substantial investment in the production processes playing a major role in the company's steady development. The company continues to invest in its state-of-the-art, 64,000m² tent manufacturing facility, based in the region of Kefenrod, Germany.

This facility enables the company to produce its vast range of high-quality airport buildings and products in-house. This ensures all customers receive optimum service levels, including short manufacturing lead-times, quality control, competitive prices and products that are designed and built to the highest quality standards.

Previous international airport projects

  • Oran, Algeria 2010 - airport terminal, 5,000m², supplied for increase in passengers during a world summit.
  • Tripoli, Libya 2011 - airport terminal building 4,500m², supplied as part of ongoing improvements.
  • Nairobi, Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta Airport 2014 / 15 - airport building and terminal, 10,000m², supplied following fire damage.

Reasons to choose Röder HTS Höcker for your airport building and terminal requirements

  • A renowned leading German-based manufacturer of temporary buildings
  • A diverse range of over 600 different temporary structure systems for multiple applications
  • A 64,000m² state-of-the-art production facility
  • Components are CNC machined and finished by hand ensuring a consistent high-quality finish
  • Dedicated technical team of CAD and CAM designers and stability engineers for custom projects
  • European standards guarantee high quality, professionally engineered and fully certified structures
  • In-house technical sales force, strategically located worldwide providing local knowledge and support
  • Short production lead-times can always be achieved irrespective of the size of order
  • Competitive pricing policy across all product lines, ensuring customer satisfaction
  • The company, which was launched in 2001 by leading industry expert Heinz Röder, currently employs a direct workforce of more than 200 people, with the majority having been employed since its early days
  • All employees are highly skilled and trained within their area of operation and are encouraged to gain new skills and develop professionally within the organisation
  • A globally recognised brand you can trust, providing complete peace of mind

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