In the heavy-duty world of highway and runway maintenance, where blasting, cutting and grinding equipment must perform to the highest standards, it isn’t enough for operators to have the best tools for the job. With equipment this important, in an industry that is constantly evolving, the right training is essential. Without it, a 10-minute repair job could turn into extended downtime, and personnel could be put at risk.  

To ensure safety, maximise efficiency and give its customers the confidence and capabilities they need, leading equipment manufacturer Hog Technologies brings operational training directly to its customers through the Hog Tech University (HTU). 

The e-learning and training platform features a range of videos and resources offering expert guidance on everything from forklift safety to how to change a swivel seal. Not only does this give operators the skills they need to operate their equipment safely and effectively, but it ensures that Hog Technologies equipment is performing to the market-leading Hog standard these machines are known for.

“When you buy a piece of Hog equipment, whether it’s a Stripe Hog, a Thermo Hog or a Grinder Hog, you’re assigned a course to onboard you,” explains Anthony Valcourt, web developer and training coordinator at Hog Technologies.

“New operators go through the course, and they watch a set of videos with interactive quizzes. We take the evaluation score and determine whether we’re going to give the operator hands-on training.”

The operator’s progress is tracked throughout the online course. Completing the course makes you a certified Hog operator. Once certified, Hog customers get access to continued education, a series of regular refresher videos which ensure their equipment continues to perform to its maximum efficiency.

Now, Hog Technologies is offering is customers a brand-new set of on-the-road Help Videos. Much like how you might turn to YouTube to help with changing a tire, Hog’s Help Videos are short tutorials designed to provide guidance when and where it’s needed.

“We have a set of libraries of things that could go wrong,” explains Valcourt. “The operator can watch the video right there on the road. They can stop, fix the problem and get back working.”

It’s not just Hog customers who receive personalized education through HTU. The same platform is used to train Hog Technologies’ own engineers and staff to the high levels they need. Staff courses cover vital skills from forklift and crane operation to specialist laser welding, high-pressure water systems and thermal related equipment.

Collaborate and grow

Like any good educational institution, HTU has growth at its heart – and it learns from its students, too.

From tracking the help videos that are being used most frequently to recording each and every call received through the help desk, Hog Technologies analyses customer data to identify the most common concerns – all with the goal of providing the best service to its customers.

“If it’s a problem that has been repeating, we evaluate it, and implement a training video to help us and our customers in the long run,” says Valcourt. “Because if it can happen to one of our trucks, it could happen to all 600 of them.”

Tech-enabled, innovative and evolving, HTU is built on the same foundation of collaboration and constant improvement that has made Hog Technologies a leader in its market.

“We don’t just sell our customers a machine,” says Valcourt. “We sell them a partnership.

“If anything goes wrong, our customers know that they can reach out to us and we will be on it, we have people dedicated to these situations and we are always looking to cater our tools to our customer needs.”

To find out more about Hog Technologies, download the whitepaper below.