Quad City International Airport was awarded “Illinois Primary Airport of the Year 2012”. Image courtesy of Farragutful.
Atrium leading to the two concourses in the terminal building. Image courtesy of Farragutful.
The baggage claim area inside the Quad City International Airport terminal has two rotating conveyors and public seating space. Image courtesy of Farragutful.

Quad City Airport

Quad City International is a public, commercial, military and cargo airport serving the cities of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. It is located at Moline in Rock Island County, Illinois, US.

The airport, awarded "Illinois Primary Airport of the Year 2012", is operated by the Metropolitan Airport Authority and currently offers non-stop services to ten cities through four major airlines. In 2011, Quad City International handled 842,633 passengers.

Quad City International master plan

"The airport, awarded "Illinois Primary Airport of the Year 2012", is operated by the Metropolitan Airport Authority."

The master plan of the airport was formulated in 1989, with a draft master plan update and companion airport layout plan (ALP) prepared in 2005. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), however, did not approve these updates.

The airport authorities are, therefore, framing a new master plan in 2012. The latest version includes the addition of a new passenger terminal inline baggage system, construction of access road and parking, land use planning / development and improving the sustainability.

Quad City International terminal features

The passenger terminal area is situated between the thresholds of Runway 23 and Runway 13, in the North Central part of the airfield. The 61,000ft2 terminal building was constructed in 1985. It contains one main terminal building with two concourses A and B. The two concourses were modified in an expansion project in 2001. The terminal also has a connector hallway equipped with security screening equipment between the main building and the restricted concourses. Two security checkpoints are located in the main terminal.

Concourse A contains six gates, of which four are equipped with jet bridges for service of turbo-prop and regional jet aircraft. It offers seating for approximately 120 people. Concourse B consists of six gates fitted with jet bridges to serve mainline narrow body and wide body aircraft. It has a seating capacity of approximately 370.

The northwest section of the airport includes enplaning passenger services and administrative offices of Airport Administration Authority and Transport Security Administration (TSA). The south-east section of the terminal contains deplaning passenger services and concessions. Civil Air Patrol (C.A.P.) / the US Customs Building is located at the east of the terminal building at the north apron.

The baggage claim area inside the terminal has two rotating conveyors and public seating space. The terminal also includes concession areas with a restaurant, a gift shop, an art gallery and restrooms.

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Quad City International Airport expansion

A $17m expansion project was completed at the airport in 2001. It included a major overhaul that added two new state-of-the-art concourses, new concessions and an art gallery to the airport. The size of the terminal was increased to 160,000ft2 on the 2,021 acre site.

Runway 9/27 was reconstructed in 2011. The reconstruction was planned in 2007 as part of a $34m airfield improvement programme. All the three runways were closed and a temporary runway (10/28) of 6,500ft length was used during this period. In September 2012 the airport was sanctioned $1.8m for the construction of a new customs facility and $2.8m for the purchase of snow removal equipment.

Construction projects planned at the airport in 2012 are worth a total of $8.8m.

Quad City International cargo terminal

Cargo facilities are located in the north-east section of the airport. The air cargo apron has
396,000ft2 of pavement for cargo aircraft parking and gives access to three cargo building facilities.

Cargo Building One is 17,910ft2 and is situated in the west. Cargo Building Two is located in the middle and measures 14,535ft2. Cargo Building Three is 20,340ft2 in area and is located in the east.

Ameriflight is the only cargo service provider that operates from the airport. A large parking lot connecting all the three cargo buildings provides parking for approximately 140 aircraft. A parking lot located between the maintenance and ARFF Buildings provides parking for 28 aircraft.

Quad City International runways and taxiways

The airport has three runways: 5/23, 9/27 and 13/31. Runway 9/27, the primary runway, is 10,002ft long and 1,50ft wide. It has two primary taxiways A and H, and is served by several connecting taxiways B, E, H1 and N.

"In 2011, Quad City International handled 842,633 passengers."

Runway 13/31 is built of bituminous and portland cement concrete. The 7,301ft-long and 150ft-wide runway has two primary taxiways, F and B.

Runway 5/23 is 5,015ft long and 150ft wide and served by taxiway K.

Parking at Quad City International

Quad City airport provides parking facilities for approximately 2,480 vehicles, of which 197 are for public short-term parking, 1,959 are for public long-term parking, 321 for rental cars and 297 for employee vehicle parking.

The future of Quad City International

The master plan update proposes $19.6m worth of expansions at the airport during 2013 and 2015.