The Midway modernisation programme (MMP) is scheduled for completion in 2020. Credit: Ken Lund.
The expansion will add an 80,000ft² security pavilion. Credit: Vmzp85.
MMP will also expand the terminal parking garage and concession area. Credit: Ken Lund.

The Chicago Department of Aviation is currently undertaking a $400m modernisation project under the Midway Modernisation Programme (MMP) at the Midway International Airport.

The modernisation will improve the passenger travel experience while transforming the airport into a highly preferred travel option for passengers.

The modernisation programme began with the addition of new passenger dining and shopping facilities in May 2017. The official ground-breaking ceremony of the project was held in October 2017, with the construction scheduled for completion in 2020. Concessions and terminal garage improvements are expected to create 1,700 jobs.

Midway International Airport handled 22.4 million passengers, 251,341 aircraft movements and 22,170t of cargo in 2017.

Midway airport’s security checkpoint expansion details

The security checkpoint expansion, which marked the beginning of the Midway International Airport modernisation, has been designed to reduce congestion and improve the passenger experience. It is being carried out in three phases to reduce the impact of traffic flow on Cicero Avenue near the airport.

The expansion mainly includes the addition of an 80,000ft² security pavilion, which will improve passenger flow. The passenger bridge over Cicero Avenue will also be widened from 50ft to 400ft.

Additional security lanes, improved technology, and a single checkpoint system will be featured at the new security pavilion, doubling the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening capacity. New TSA lines will increase the existing passenger capacity from 2,500 to 5,000 an hour.

“All concourses will feature food and shopping facilities, including five new full-service seated restaurants, one central market with an expanded food and wine menu, and upgraded public areas.”

The expansion will create 18,000ft² of space for new concessions and involve the expansion of the existing security checkpoint area over Cicero Avenue, which will create a new gateway to Midway and Chicago.

Design of the new security checkpoint will have the option to add automated screening lanes.

Existing interior spaces will be renovated and the mezzanine level in the landside terminal building will be expanded. This includes new navigation signage, energy-efficient lighting, and large open spaces with clerestory windows.

Other expansions under Midway International Airport modernisation

The Midway International Airport modernisation will also include expansion of the terminal parking garage and redevelopment of concessions.

The terminal parking garage expansion is planned to cater to the increased number of motorists driving to Midway. It will add 1,500 new parking spaces by expanding the existing terminal parking garage towards the east over the CTA maintenance yard.

A wider entrance from Cicero Avenue to the garage line will be constructed, in addition to transit access from the CTA Orange Line with an upgraded pedestrian walkway. It will also add elevators and escalators to the new pedestrian bridge.

Concession redevelopment will expand the area from 44,000ft² to 70,000ft². It will add 37 food and beverage locations, and 37 retail locations with 50 new brands.

All concourses will feature food and shopping facilities, including five new full-service seated restaurants, one central market with an expanded food and wine menu, and upgraded public areas.

Phase one of the concessions redevelopment programme will add 12 new locations, including Arami, Billy Goat Tavern, Camden Food, and Woodgrain Neapolitan Pizzeria.

Contractors involved with Midway modernisation programme

FH Paschen received the design-bid-build contract for the passenger checkpoint expansion.

RM Chin is responsible for providing resident engineering services for the new security checkpoint project, and project management, construction management and resident engineering services for the Midway concessions project.

Angelo Construction provided budgeting, schedule and constructability review services during the planning and designing phases of the MMP project.