Location of the Albany International Airport.
Terminal entrance at Albany International Airport.
In 2009, the Albany International Airport recorded 160,218 aircraft movements.

Albany airport map

Albany International Airport is located north-west of Albany, US. The airport is owned and operated by Albany County Airport Authority. It was leased for 40 years beginning from in 1996.

When the airport was opened in 1928 it was spread over an area of 1,200 acres (485.6ha). It was the first municipal airport in the US. Originally it was named in the honour of Teddy Roosevelt’s son who was a pilot in World War I.

The airlines operating at the airport include Air Canada, Continental, Delta Connection and United. In 2009, the airport recorded 160,218 aircraft movements.

Albany International Airport historic expansion

The airport has had many renovations and expansions since it began operations in 1928. The first renovation was in 1940, when an additional land of 351 acres (142ha) was acquired. Runway 1/19 was constructed and runway 10/28 was lengthened during renovation. A new 85ft tower was also built by removing two water towers.

"Albany International Airport has two runways designated 1/19 and 10/28."

In 1949, a $1.75m reconstruction programme was carried out. As part of this, the airport was extended to an area of 800 acres (323.7ha) and runway 1/19 was extended.

In 1957, a new air traffic control tower was erected. In 1960, due to financial troubles the Port of Albany sold the airport to Albany County for $4.4m.

Under the ownership of Albany County a new terminal and a maintenance building were constructed in 1962.

The terminal underwent an expansion in 1979, which added two new two-storied buildings.

Albany International Airport modern development

In May 1996, the ground breaking of a $184m renovation project took place. This project included construction of a new terminal, a parking garage, an air traffic control tower and a cargo facility. This project was financed with funds from airport improvement (AIP), the passenger facility charge (PFC) and airport revenue.

A new terminal of 16,000ft² was opened in 2000 along with the addition of two new jet bridges. The already existing terminal was demolished except for the expanded area. The runway 1/19 was extended from 400m to 2,600m during the renovation.

The replacement of Latham water tower was planned in 2009 as it is causing an obstruction for aircraft on the runway 10/28. Federal funding worth $6.7m will be received by the Albany County Airport Authority for the replacement project. The replacement project has been separated into five phases. Phase 1 will include the removal of Latham Water Tower. Phase 2 and 4 will involve the works of water transmission lines, the contract for which was awarded to NewYork based Highlander Construction.

Phase 5 will involve the mechanical and electrical works. The contracts for mechanical and electrical works were awarded to Wm. Schultz Construction and Brusnwick Electric respectively. The stimulus grant will fund Phase 2, Phase 4 and Phase 5 of the project.

A new concourse, which will become an international concourse, is also planned for construction. This concourse is expected to have approximately 10 gates.

Albany airport terminal

The airport terminal has three concourses – A, B and C. The first floor of the terminal has an information centre, ticket and baggage claim areas. The second level on concourse C features a business centre with facilities such as conference rooms, faxing, photocopying and internet access. It also has a TV lounge and laptop workstations. ATMs are available at thebaggage claim area, and concourses A and C.

The airport features an air cargo facility of 53,000ft² located at the north-east corner of the airfield.


The airport has two runways designated 1/19 and 10/28. Runways 1/19 and 10/28 are currently 2,591m and 2,195m long respectively. Both the runways are surfaced with asphalt.

Air traffic control

The control tower of the airport was built in 1957. Later in 1999, it was demolished to provide space for additional jet bridges and a new tower was built. A 90ft tall tower was built later.

"Albany was the first municipal airport in the US."

The new tower has a base building which covers an area of 13,000ft².

The base building accommodates Terminal Radar Approach Control, which monitors the in-flight activity of all aircraft.

Albany International parking

The airport has 6,000 parking spaces. It offers long-term, short-term and economy parking to passengers.

Ground transportation

There are numerous taxies and buses operating to and from the airport. A taxi stand is located outside the baggage claim area. Car rental counters are also available at the same area.