A vertical lifting fabric door is a system of doors for industry; the Crawford VL3016 has been specifically designed to cope with specifications for durability, tightness, reliability and minimum maintenance requirements of Heavy Industry, Steel Mills, Waste & Recycling and any application in tough environments and high winds.

Crawford VL3016 is available in an extra corrosion-proof model for extremely corrosive environments.

The door may be mounted on the inside or outside of a building, or in the actual door opening.

Crawford VL3016 is available for delivery with optional side jambs if the existing mounting surface is not suitable for the side guides. The machine box and motor can be enclosed in various ways.

The main advantages of the unique Crawford VL3016 are:

  • Robust design
  • Operational reliability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Well sealed
  • Flexible design
  • Suitable for tough industrial environment
  • Top-class safety and quality
  • Automatic door control